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Paro is where dental care meets Swiss innovation. The result is a globally unique prophylaxis system with numerous items in the areas of “Dental and oral care”, “Toothbrushes” and “Interdental care”.For more than 45 years, paro has made itself at home in the world of oral hygiene and is permanently available all over the globe. Innovation, durability and care form the basis of the company’s philosophy and are reflected in all our products.

Made in Switzerland since 1969

Paro is the house brand of the long established Swiss company Esro AG, based in Kilchberg near Zurich. Esro AG was founded in 1969 and specialises in the manufacture of dental care products. Our team, composed of consulting, production, research and development, work daily with cautiousness and care for your lasting bright smile.

paro Innovations

Our focus is on you as the user. You can benefit from various paro innovations in protective, simple and effective oral care. These include:

paro sonic – the first sonic toothbrush where you can combine your individual    interdental care with the paro isola F-system. With up to 45,000 strokes per minute.

paro 3star-technology – our patented „triangular method” that produces interdental brush to match the anatomy of the interdental spaces. For more comfort and greater cleaning efficiency.

paro brush-stick – our velvetly flocked plastic toothpick. Simple to use and highly effective.

paro amin – toothpastes without SLS, specially produced in Switzerland with high quality amine fluoride and the antiseptic ingredient Panthenol. They strengthen tooth enamel and oral flora.

paro fluoride gels – highly concentrated amine or sodium fluoride gels in fruit or mint flavors. Very effective and with a pleasant taste.

paro isola-technology – we were the first to introduce a coating on the metal wire used in interdental brushes. Protects the tooth enamel and does not create a “battery effect”.